Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajote (BJHM) was founded on 2006, with the collaboration of 24 organizations. A strong, effective, enduring and an ever increasing presence of BJHM is seen in all over the Bangladesh. It had been strongly felt that there was need of an umbrella organization to co-ordinate the activity based organizations which where discriminately scattered and diversified in Bangladesh. It was a collective urge to resound the Hindu interest not only in Bangladesh but also in the world. Thus, Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajote (BJHM) was born. The main objective of Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajote (BJHM) is to organise - consolidate the Hindu society and to serve - protect the Hindu Dharma.
Religion and Politics: Bangladesh perspective: Bangladesh rests on a set of primordial socio-cultural, linguistic and religious identities that have been distinctively shaped by the history of the Bengal delta. The socio-economic system around which modern civilization has grown up in Bengal is derived from a distinctive cultural-religious ideology. As a result, relatively flexible religious ideologies were mobilized around the mode of production and economic life of the people. Subsequently, a unique linguistic or religious identity within Bangladesh have been tended to ignore the multiple identities around issues of language, class and profession, and at the latest, the religion, which occasionally served to provoke confrontation and violence. Minority peoples are facing challenges in Bangladesh for decades on the impacts of state's denial of rights to them. The challenges are complex which can be resolved through social, spiritual, cultural and political process.


The mission of BJHM is collective welfare: The fulfillment of the social, economical, cultural and religious rights of all hindu people in Bangladesh.
What to do at this time for Hindus: Now is the time to think about the existence of Hindus in Bangladesh. Strategical innovation should be chalked out through an organizational process so that these not only lead to existence but to influence the society to propagate immune system for the minority. Declining Hindu population in Bangladesh region and now in Bangladesh:

2011 9.20%
2001 10.50%
1991 11.62%
1981 12.31
1974 13.50%
1961 18.50%
1951 22.00%
1941 28.00%

Source: Census of India 1941, Census of East Pakistan, Bangladesh Government Census and Bangladesh Census

Dr. Sonali Das

Sree Mrityunjay Kumar Roy

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